Rio 2016: Legacy in Motion

For Rio de Janeiro and the Games, we have been thinking, drawing, testing, discussing and watching the Olympic Park emerge readying itself for 2016 as…
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Rio 2016: Personal Reflections
Video: Bill Hanway reflects on the moment six years ago when he found out we won the bid to design the masterplan for the Rio Games.
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Download See Further, a thought leadership app, to read experts' perspective on how they approach designing innovative solutions for the physical environment, such as the masterplan for the London and Rio Olympic Games.
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AECOM at Rio 2016 | AECOM
Article: Bill Hanway reflects on our journey to Rio and delivering world-class games while leaving a lasting, sustainable legacy.
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Rio 2016
2011 Article: Detailed planning will be carried out over the next months by the winning company in conjunction with the parties involved in the park construction
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Rio 2016
Masterplan project chosen for Rio 2016 Olympic Park
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Rio 2016: Nomadic Architecture
Video: We're delivering social infrastructure for the community of Rio de Janeiro by designing the Rio Olympics as modular components, intended to be rebuilt in different forms for long-term purposes and impact.
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2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games | AECOM
Project Profile: Our role in Rio 2016 has been unprecedented given the scale, complexity and continuity of our work — from developing initial design concepts, to the detailed design development, through to our current role as design advisors.