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Thigh Garter Tattoos for Girls

The classic thigh garter is enjoying a revival---in ink, that is! Undoubtedly one of the sexiest places a girl can get a tattoo, a thigh tattoo is as easily hidden as it is shown off on a whim. View a range of garter tattoos for girls, from simple.

I would never be brave enough to get this but I think it is beyond awesome

Don't like how the tat interacts with the lace, but i like the pearls and lace. especially as a garter tat

I would probably never do this.....but this is amazing...  "Beautiful thigh tattoo garter style tattoo ivy leaves vine"

I would probably never do this.but this is amazing. "Beautiful thigh tattoo garter style tattoo ivy leaves vine" it would look really cool it you wore a dress with it and then the henna is showing under!

Tattoo saying: I am the beautiful lie & you are the painful truth

Life asked Death, Why do people love me, but hate you? Death responded, Because you are a beautiful lie, and I'm a painful truth. A truth we must all face. So why be afraid of it? Live life fully cause we never know today may be the last