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I'll take it!!!!

Beach home - Sitting on that chair with a glass of wine, feel the sand between my toes while watching the sunset

When it comes to winter collections, no one does it quite like Lush. Here are a few of my Lush winter essentials.

@genesispadilla @levelinz29 @Yuliana Shch ruiz this is true! Haha.. Brings back memories!

Nobody ever reads the rules for Monopoly except when an argument breaks out.that's sooooo true for my family!

So True!!

Teenager Post - I swear medicine companies have absolutely no clue what fruit tastes like.

As the temperatures continue to dip, it’s prime time for cozy knitwear to take the edge off winter. Last year, we marveled at Ohhio’s ultra-chunky creation

Super-chunky knit blankets would require gigantic knitting needles, but this designer has found a way to forego the needles entirely, without having any allergic reactions.

How to whiten teeth at home:

If your after a holiday and the best service for any dental work then look no more. We offer the best price and customer care in the EU.

Everyday things and their proper name…

12 Things I Bet You Didn't Know The Actual Name Of. Apparently I have chronic dysania.<<I bet your didn't know that this was called a glabella! *the entire phandom laughs*