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Soil- It's more than just dirt!

Soil- It's more than just dirt! This is a pretty simplistic view of soil, with parent material and texture triangle being over-simplified.

Wheat Diagram

Wheat is a seed (of course) - so we can compare the nutrients in the parts we eat (germ, endospern, bran), with their function in the seed (embryo of new sprout; source of energy for new sprout;

Worksheets: Layers of Soil

Lesson Idea: This worksheet can be used to study soil layers. This is an important part of the Grade 3 science unit entitled, "Soils in the Environment".

Nice find on this soils infographic I saw on fb via @songberryfarm

Soil Secrets Infographic from USDA. AgSource Laboratories can help you unlock further secrets to your soil through professional lab analysis.