Social Studies - City & Country Reading story: Jan's New Home Talk about the differences and similarities between the country and the city. Make a venn diagram to compare and contrast these two places. Then each student can picked which they like better and complete a writing activity

compare and contrast the city and country: use with City Mouse Country Mouse by Jan Brett

The Great Fire of London began in a baker's shop in Pudding Lane, on this day 2nd September, 1666 and rapidly spread throughout the city

Probably the most famous disaster in its history, the Great Fire of London shaped the city we know today. Here are the facts via a handy infographic!

Model of the Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London may have been extinguished in 1666 but it was reignited on Friday at a Seven Kings school.

Cute poem about the Great fire of London - 1666

A funny and educational story poem about The Great Fire of London for kids.


How To Build A Global Brand

Learn to draw London Landmarks. I've used these with year 4s making pop-up cards. They were great. So simple a child can follow them!

Learn to draw Big Ben and other London Landmarks! Lots of cool stuff. I started with finding Olympic stuff, but there's tons of fun things about England.

Great Fire of London

Screenshot the Museum of London Great Fire of London 1666 game with a cartoon look boy and female servant standing in front of the Thames River and a burning skyline

KS1 History Revision Glossary Great Fire of London

KS1 History Revision Glossary Great Fire of London