Zaha Hadid [Baku, Azerbaijan] Zaha Hadid's Heydar Aliyev Centre wins 2014 Design Of The Year. With the alluring curves of the building and the interesting perspectives its wonder to how architecture keeps changing and becoming more complex.

Swiss expo.

Mid-Century architecture: Pavillion Wehrhafte Schweiz, designed and constructed for the Swiss Army in conjunction with the Swiss National Exhibition in Lausanne, Switzerland, 1964 (by architect Carl Fingerhuth)


Early Modern Concrete Facades - Beautiful

This is a photo of an early modern concrete facade in Bangkok, Thailand. It was most likely built in the The beauty of these facades is unequaled by any glass and steel curtainwall structure. This one is my favorite.


From the series Metropolis - the Metropolis Apartment Building in Copenhagen, Denmark by Future Systems and Danielsen Architecture photographed by Danish freelance architectural- and landscape photographer Kim Høltermand /




Modernistic office buildings and apartment houses forming self-sufficient sub-cities alongside 14 lane superhighways in section of General Motor's Futurama exhibit at the World's Fair, a sq., detailed model of "the America of