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We must unplug, disconnect and savour the things that bring us joy – from the macro to the micro. Inside this issue we explore these ideas further.
Light, shadow, form and composition are the central elements of Jessica Backhaus’ practice, stripping photography back to its core tenets.
Sarah Doyle plays with visual harmony. Torn paper, wooden sticks and cut-out circles pop against colourful block-painted backgrounds.

Issue 118: Abstraction

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Tropico Photo is a studio dedicated to making work transporting us to idyllic locations: places filled with bright painted buildings and clear skies.
African proverbs are at the heart of Ghanaian photographer Derrick Ofosu Boateng’s work, bursting with bright colours and a sense of joy.
Duo Kaya & Blank draw attention to concealed markers of industry across southern California: telephone masts camouflaged as real life trees.

Issue 117: Contemplation

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Es Devlin explodes the status-quo, pushing artistic boundaries between literature, stage and set design in a major New York exhibition spanning 30 years.
At a time when it can be hard to decipher “real” from “artificial”, Reuben Wu shows us what it is possible to create on location, using light carrying drones.
Morgan Otagburuagu is standing up against colourism. He amplifies the beauty of darker skin tones with portraits of Black women pioneers.

Issue 116: Power of Experimentation

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Laura Stevens crafts quiet, filmic portraits and landscapes that ripple with emotions. There’s a palpable sense of an intimate story unfolding.
The story of architecture in photography is being written. Vitra Design Museum foregrounds what’s next through the lens of one key image-maker.
Justin Bettman’s colourful and retro still life images feature nostalgic Polaroid cameras, analogue alarm clocks and walkie talkies.

Issue 115: Transforming Ideas

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Dublin-based Sarah Doyle harnesses bright colours and experimental shapes as a way of travelling to and inventing vast new horizons.
We Need Colour is satisfying in its visual style and co-ordination: eyeshadows, backgrounds clothing and props are all carefully matched.
Colour is tied up with the architecture of power and control. Kapwani Kiwanga shows us how, in aesthetically pleasing, immersive installations.

Issue 114: Time on Earth

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Cristina Coral’s imagery brings the psychology of space to our attention – a field exploring the impact of the built environment on emotion and mood.
Green spaces are beneficial to mental health and general wellbeing. Viet Ha Tran wants to increase awareness of the importance of outdoor areas.
Photographer Djeneba Aduayom turns to the layered and contrasting emotions within people and their complex relationship to landscape.

Issue 113: History and Ecology

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Cover Photographer Amy Harrity distils subjects’ personal experiences into compositions that evoke honesty and clarity, capturing the diverse breadth of human emotion.
Gareth Iwan Jones’ fascination with woodland ecocystems inspired enchanting scenes that document the beauty and mystery of forests.
Vibrant landscapes, mysterious, lively figures and pulsing colour palettes collide in Sanja Marušić’s portraits, debating the body and female identity.

Issue 112: Human Curiosity

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Cover photographer Fares Micue’s imaginative and perfectly composed conceptual images are uplifting symbols that reflect the power of ideas and what it means to be brave.
Celebrate the publication’s 20th anniversary as one of the founders discusses how the magazine has become a trusted voice in contemporary art.
Nadine Ijewere’s fashion photography redefines narratives of beauty, encouraging more diverse representation in front of and behind the camera.

Issue 111: 20th Anniversary Edition

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Duo Elsa Parra and Johanna Benaïnous blur the distinctions between the photographer and subject in reconstructions of family memories.
Henri Prestes investigates the calm yet ominous presence of the twilight hours in remote locations, producing cinematic and considered landscapes.
Duo Elsa Parra and Johanna Benaïnous blur the distinctions between the photographer and subject in reconstructions of family memories.

Issue 110: The Art of Storytelling

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Sometimes we have that eureka moment; we think about something in a completely new way. This issue foregrounds artists who play with form and subject.
Andoni Beristain’s bold still lifes inject a sense of narrative into the everyday, finding moments of comedy, satire and beauty within familiar items.
Reuben Wu produces temporary geometries, or “aeroglyphs”, in remote locations. Glowing halos and lines are created with light-carrying drones.

Issue 109: Where Do Ideas Come From

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Alec Soth has become synonymous with the American landscape, traversing and capturing its diverse geography for over two decades.
Maciek Jasik’s series, The World With Us, overlays hyper-real colour palettes onto rock formations, splicing, blurring and modifying the geography.

Issue 108: The Power to Unite

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This issue captures the current zeitgeist, and is a reminder of how much the past forms part of the present. There are so many things that connect us as human beings, right now, here on planet Earth, as we shape the future amidst our rapidly changing surroundings.
The Rockies boast an expansive geography of dramatic alpine wilderness and diverse wildlife. Modernism has thrived there for over 100 years.
In the ethereal works of KangHee Kim, windows become invitations to the imagination, portals to sun-drenched locations just beyond our reach.

Issue 107: Shaping the Future

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It’s been a time of great uncertainty, so we turn to art and culture as a universal mechanism to make sense of the world; to put the wrongs right and remember that our humanity binds us together. This issue is all about human stories, and how we must never give up in the face of adversity.
Olivia Locher highlights humanity’s unrealistic expectations, depicting daily regimes to comedic effect, where candles literally burn at both ends.
Murray Fredericks captures ethereal horizons on Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre, an endorheic salt lake 700km north of Adelaide, Australia.

Issue 106: Human Stories

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Perspective changes everything. Seeing and looking are two completely different acts. How we understand the world around us depends on our experiences and willingness to be open to new ideas. This creates a free flow of concepts, and in turn, this leads to innovation. This issue is about idea generation and a developing a greater sense of perspective.
Tobias Schnorpfeil is a German engineer and tech founder whose compelling digital renders utilise data sets to build up colour, texture and material.
Laura Perrucci and Matteo De Santis demonstrate a fresh take on collage. Bubble wrap and printed words lie over cloudless blue skies.

Issue 105: Points of View

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Harriet Moutsopoulos (aka Lexicon Love) creates digital collages that manipulate the origins of images, unsettling the viewer.
Ingrid Weyland’s collage compositions tap into the age of Anthropocentrism, with human hands literally altering ecosystems from the inside out.
Foto/Industria biennale offers a provocative glimpse at what we eat, how it’s presented and its larger cultural impact, from field to the table.

Issue 104: Galvanise

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Crescent moons, bending branches, manicured garlands and grouped balloons: these are the colourful portraits of photographer Fares Micue.
Andreas Gefeller’s aerial photographs highlight shapes and patterns of infrastructure, from the sprawling and asymmetrical to the small and neat.
What role do images play in the way we understand crises? Thomas Wrede’s glacier photographs combat anthropocentrism in 2021.

Issue 103: State of Mind

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Thandiwe Muriu’s has been widely lauded for her distinctive style: clean, crisp and elegant, demonstrating the skill and vision of a rising star.
Richard Mosse uses new imaging methods to recontextualise ecological catastrophe. His latest project looks at destruction in the Amazon.
Benoit Paillé’s hyperreal image series demonstrates how photography doesn’t, in fact, capture reality, but is an active creator of reality.

Issue 102: Signs and Symbols

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Tekla Evelina Severin’s dusky pinks, forest greens and pale yellows reflect a new interpretation of space, presenting a radical redefinition of home.
Natalie Christensen is a photographer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, known for minimalist abstractions of the American Southwest.
New Color in the Times of Slow Coffee is a series from stylist Michelle Maguire, painter Kristin Texeira & photographer Kelsey McClellan.

Issue 101: Recharge and Reset

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Kriss Munsya was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and raised in Brussels. 'The Eraser' series is a story of change and transformation.
Aesthetica is one of the key voices for contemporary visual culture. Hear from one of the founders, Cherie Federico, about setting it up.
Aesthetica Magazine looks for images that change the way we see the world. Discover some of our favourite photographers from over the years.

Issue 100: Charting the Course

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'Trailblazers' showcases artists and curators building their own platforms.
Evan Sheehan’s work is at once spontaneous and choreographed – calling upon eye-popping primary colours and dynamic environments.
Brooke DiDonato’s work sits within a contemporary reading of The Uncanny in photography, making unsettling and alluring images.

Issue 99: Trailblazers

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Los Angeles fashion photographer Natasha Wilson has a passion for art and travel; she taps into the culture of locations whilst shooting.
Today’s architects aren’t just designing buildings. They’re working across multiple disciplines to tackle ecological responsibility and social justice.
Eugenia Falqui breaks away from TripAdvisor- worthy compositions of Bangkok, shooting the surreal and often humorous sides of the city.

Issue 98: A New World

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Ulrich Hartmann is a fashion photographer who’s pushing boundaries with an Alice in Wonderland– esque imagination and avid attention to detail.
Jackie Black reproduces last meals of those who have been subjected to capital punishment. The photographer draws attention to social injustice.
Zhong Lin is a Malaysian Chinese photographer whose works are categorised by strong, seductive visuals that redefine the very notion of style.

Issue 97: Rebirth and Renewal

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Yannis Davy Guibinga’s pronounced photographs are part of an expansive conversation about the representation of Africa and its wider diaspora.
The seventh edition of Next Generation, an annual feature showcasing new photography graduates from the London College of Communication.
Julia Fullerton-Batten’s latest series, Looking Out From Within, was shot over the last few months of lockdown across London neighbourhoods.

Issue 96: Now Is The Time

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Diane Villadsen builds on our appetite for candy coloured compositions. Dreamlike tones move from blush pink and lemon yellow to soft lilac.
World Photography Organisation outlines the principles behind successful visual storytelling through technical and conceptual innovation.
Six N. Five develops the idea of “non-spaces” that captivate the attention, providing a visual oasis that is neither real or artificial; inside or outside.

Issue 95: Recalibration

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Tropico Photo’s images – the collaborative work of Forrest Aguar and Michelle Norris – run with the idea of block colours, fluid dots, circles and lines.
New European photographers are part of a vital reconstruction of visual narratives, exploring themes of overconsumption, surveillance and liberation.
Romain Laprade captures rolling hills, angular buildings and languid portraits, underpinned by complementary colours and low passing light.

Issue 94: Resilience

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