Michael Mapes - Each final piece is made up of thousands of individual specimens consisting of dissected photographs and genetic information about the subject in the form of hair, fingernails, scent, eyelashes, fingerprints, makeup, handwriting and breath. The representations of his subjects are dissected and then reconstructed through artistic interpretation invoking entomological, forensic and artistic methods.

Croton Falls, NY artist Michael Mapes


Lissa Hunter minature baskets in frame- beautiful- would love a collection of these to display.

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Karen Appleton "I am a self-taught oil painter originally from the South, now living in Chicago, IL with my husband Clay,.

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Michael Mapes - cutting out shapes from photos, then attaching them to canvas with straight pins to re-form the picture

Michael Mapes - Croton Falls, NY artist

Croton Falls, NY artist Michael Mapes

Michael Mapes recreates famous Dutch paintings in an incredible series of "forensic collages" using capsules, vials, prints, pins and more.