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During the 18th century, people were in a state of wonder over mechanism. The first complex machines produced by man were called "automata." The greatest and most fascinating mechanisms were those that could do things in imitation of living creatures. This Automaton, known as the "Draughtsman-Writer," is one such machine.

Maillardet's Automaton on display at the Franklin Institute. A truly amazing human accomplishment. The inspiration for the movie 'HUGO'.

Lalique 1900-01 signed 'Owls' Bracelet: glass/ gold/ enamel/ chalcedony. Unique piece. Purchased from the artist in 1902. Calouste Gulbenkian Museum

Lalique 'Owls' Bracelet: glass/ gold/ enamel/ chalcedony: signed on the fastener: LALIQUE: museo.

Three Seahorses Brooch - Chased Gold, Plique-A-Jour Enamel And Opals By Rene Lalique  c.1902-1903

Three Seahorses Brooch - Art Deco - Chased Gold, Plique-A-Jour Enamel And Opals By Rene Lalique

Recreated Georgian room c. 1790 with mahogany furniture and table for morning coffee (York Castle Museum, York Museums Trust)

This image is influenced by the Georgian Style Period It is a recreated Georgian dining room. This image identifies key elements of the Georgian style including the colour green, straighter furniture and a simper design.

I have nothing....

This is a nice illustration that Alan Fletcher has created with writing looking like it is coming out of his mouth. The black image and text with the yellow background makes it stand out a lot very effective.

I knew who I was - Social Proper

I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then. -Lewis Carroll —- available as print or framed print

"Alice's Adventures Under Ground," original manuscript - written and illustrated by Lewis Carroll.

The British Library has posted online scans of the original manuscript of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures Under Ground. Be prepared to lose a couple hours!

The ridiculously talented Martin Hopton

Hopton and Furlong specialise in contemporary fine bespoke jewellery including engagement and wedding rings, earrings and cufflinks.

Rene Lalique "Cicada" , broche. Art Nouveau, Francia. #Esmadeco.

Art Nouveau Cicada Brooches by Rene Lalique