Heads and tails...linoleum

Going to use this idea with Foam and Grade Good tie in with West coast Art.(Salmon perhaps.) printmaking series of Northwest native american fish?

Original "Canal Linocuts", colour and b&w from around the UK. Hand-cut, hand-inked and hand-printed by me, Eric Gaskell.

Original "Canal Linocuts", colour and b&w, hand-cut, hand-inked and hand-printed by Eric Gaskell

Irene MacKenzie | linocut, hand coloured

Noted, AVL: Shape told through lines [Dark Amaryllis by Irene MacKenzie linocut hand colored]

Rob Barnes 'Boatsheds' Linocut

I chose "Sealgulls landing" by Rob Barnes, Artist printmaker, Norfolk because I like his work and think that it is similar to the work of Sue Brown and Angie Lewin