Puff the Magic Dragon- Peter, Paul and Mary. My brother had a copy and I remember, as a very young child, accidentally sitting on it and breaking it.

Puff the Magic Dragon- Peter, Paul and Mary. I couldn't sing this in elementary school music class without crying. Then when I learned what the song was about in junior high school--I felt like an idiot for being emotional about it

These were like my mom's. and they hurt to use them! Burned fingers and tangled spikes that dug into your head!

I had this exact set of rollers! (i had them too, and remember burning myself cuz my hair was long and thin)

Battery Operated Puppy. the one I had walked, stopped & barked, then did a flip.

Battery Operated Barking Puppy - My sister had this and we would take it around the block together.

Haha I remember playing this when I was young with my brother and sisters ..... Was our favorite game

Trouble bubble pop game We played this as a family in the late and early The 2010 version is Frustration which my kids love to play.


Manual Can Openers . these are not the easiest things to work with, and they leave VERY SHARP edges on the cans! I still use mine!

Elastoplast on a reel.

Vintage elasto plast elastic adhesive plaster

Robinson's Golliwog Badge. Something else I collected & still have somewhere.

Robinson's Golly Badge: happy memories of my childhood with my wonderful Nanny

Athena retail chain, sold distinctive artworks posters, postcards etc

Athena retail chain, sold distinctive artworks posters, postcards etc. I still have the seagull mobile that I bought from Athena in

Max Factor Lip Potion Kissing Gloss. Boy told us 'every time you and your friends go into the toilet, you come out with shiny lips' ha ha we did

Max Factor Roll On Lip Potion - my favourite was Mint flavour.

View finder, we had these from butlins

Picture Viewfinders - i remember these! I still have all of mine from Kings Island Amusement Park - haha!

School Country Dancing lessons

School Country Dancing lessons lol i remember these. all the boys not wanting to dance holding girls hands