Space Themed Crafts. Maybe a week summer theme activity. Find books, crafts and activities about space.

Space Themed Crafts & Books

Space is such a fun theme to use for play, crafts and of course learning. Here are some of our favorite space themed crafts that we have done over the years. We have lots of space themed books too.

Build your Rocket free printable.. maybe adapt for building/construction theme with buildings instead of rockets

Build your Rocket free printable. maybe adapt for building/construction theme with buildings instead of rockets

cute for a alien program for SRC 2012. Courtesy of

Alien Dress Up

Create an alien headband craft with paper, sparkly pipe cleaners, sticky back sparkly foam, googly eyes and use it as a pretend play prop.

Easy Beginner Scissor Practice Idea - Sammy Snip on Fine Motor Friday - The kids love to give him a haircut!

Simple Cutting Practice Activity - Snipping Sammy Scissors

This sweet fella needs a haircut! Let your kids help him out and practice their scissor skills! Great fine motor practice for toddlers and preschoolers!

A learner's diary: Blow painting -A fun art activity for early year kids

Blow paint monsters: Thin some tempera paint with water. Drop small amounts on paper, then use a straw to blow the paint across the page, making "monster" shapes. Add mouths and wiggly eyes.

Can, Have, Are Chart...use with anything you are learning about. Like the post-its on this one:)

Astronaut chart - a tree map about astronauts. Each child writes one fact on a sticky note and places it under the correct linking word.

Alien Crafts For Kids #Aliens #CraftsForKids

Alien Crafts & Party Activities for Kids

Aliens Love Underpants

We love the book, Aliens Love Underpants! We made aliens and wrote about what we would do if an alien came to visit. The kids had some cute answers.

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