12 Days of Christmas Memes

To enter our Christmas competition, publishers must create an original meme related to Christmas. It could be affiliate marketing related, about the party…
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Richard Harper on Twitter
Wow, 12 memes in one from Richard for his final entry!! #AWXmasMeme
a penguin in a santa hat with a bottle of wine on his lap and the caption well that escalated quickly
Richard Harper on Twitter
Love the Anchorman reference in this one Richard #AWXmasMeme
a panda bear sitting on top of a box with the caption nom nom
Richard Harper on Twitter
This made us chuckle Richard! #AWXmasMeme
Not long until January John Ellis! #AWXmasMeme Humour, Ted Meme, When Youre Feeling Down, Meme Maker, Ju Jitsu, Dont Call Me, Shark Week, Work Memes, When You Realize
John Ellis on Twitter
Not long until January John Ellis! #AWXmasMeme
an orangutan with its mouth open and the words scream i love it, i don't care i love it
Oh no, someone's broken this poor monkey's heart :-( #AWXmasMeme
a troll with an angry look on his face and the caption reads, no time for turkey not with all this reading to do
North Side Marketing on Twitter
Pretty accurate ;-) Thanks North Side Marketing #AWXmasMeme
a man dressed as santa claus is doing squats in a gym with barbells
Simply Nostalgia on Twitter
Santa's looking to get lucky this Christmas ;-) thanks Simply Nostalgia! #AWXmasMeme
there is a meme that says it's over it's donee
Alice Corker on X
Any else got Christmas fatigue? Thanks for your #AWXmasMeme Alice Corker! :-)
a man in a tuxedo is holding a wine glass and pointing it at the camera
John Ellis (@TheJohnEllis) on X
How many publishers have been feeling like this this month?! Thanks John for your #AWXmasMeme
two pictures of a cat wearing a santa hat with the caption saying, and then someone says i've got no presents for christmas
Vlad on Twitter
Some scary eyes on this Lemur Vlad! #AWXmasMeme
santa claus is sitting in front of a laptop computer with a christmas tree behind him
Vlad on Twitter
How could Santa say no to this adorable cat? Thanks Vlad #AWXmasMeme
a poster with an image of a woman in pink shoes and the words, everyone told harold he'd never be a ballerina
Tweet / Twitter
Who will be doing the reindance like Style My? #AWXmasMeme
an image of a yoda in the snow with text that reads, good child have not you been?
i=Mc2 on Twitter
Santa has given Yoda his delivering presents duty this year - thanks EZMobiles for your #AWXmasMeme
Haha, this #AWXmasMeme really gave us a laugh Sport Stylist Seasonal Celebration, Tennis Christmas, John Mcenroe, Tennis Fan, Andy Murray, Social Selling, Christmas Jumper, Sport Tennis
Haha, this #AWXmasMeme really gave us a laugh Sport Stylist
a santa clause with the words you're getting a dictionary for christmas
Tweet / Twitter
We think a lot of you will be doing this ;-) Thanks europebus.co.uk for yout #AWXmasMeme