#AWRugby Competition

To help our publisher’s get behind The Red Roses and make the tournament a little more special, we’re running a two week competition from today until Friday 2nd…
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a facebook page with multiple pictures of people on the front and side of it, including an advertiser's profile
A Creative Crazy Fantasy #AWRugby entry from Lewis Gard.
a group of men in red and white uniforms standing next to each other with their arms crossed
Great All Star Movie line up entry for #AWRugby from Vlad.
an image of some people on twitter with one person holding a drink and the other is wearing a suit
Its all in the detail with this entry from Sam Surry & PACEY childcare #AWRugby
three men wearing white and black shirts with red stripes on them, one man has long dark hair and the other wears sunglasses
A unique line up from Opastaja, Snoop Dogg, Borat & Psy #AWRugby
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This is definitely an intimidating line up from Toybuzz UK. Wouldn't to come up against them! #AWRugby
an image of two men and a woman hugging each other with the caption awf rugby @ affinn my team chuck noris hell win on his own
Confident choice from Best Experiences! A one man team consisting of the one and only Chuck Norris (featuring cheerleading byPaul & Mary from GBBO) #AWRugby
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Imagine playing against this lineup from Lightning St of The Hulk, Houdini & Usain Bolt! #AWRugby
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Can you compete with this triple threat submitted by Victoria Bray #AWRugby
two tweets on twitter with one saying dolores unbridgee piers morgan, mo farah, usan bot, jony wikinson, russell crowe, david beckham, awnudy
Creative addition in this lineup from Trevor of Prof. Umbridge from Harry Potter #AWRugby
three men in white shirts are posing for a tweet with their arms crossed
A very unique line up including the very handsome Channing Tatum ;-) #AWRugby
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News and Events: Stay Informed About Affiliate Marketing | Awin
Jimmy Carr could definitely distract the opponents with his laugh ;-) great tactic from Hello Savage's line-up! #AWRugby
the twitter post has been altered to include images of different vegetables and fruits, including lettuce
News and Events: Stay Informed About Affiliate Marketing | Awin
Interesting concept of a #AWRugby line-up from Etiquette for Today - getting in the 5 a day surely adds up to a winner?
two tweets are on twitter with the caption's in red and white
News and Events: Stay Informed About Affiliate Marketing | Awin
Very strong #AWRugby line-up from Lauren Tickner, wouldn't fancy being up against Usain Bolt & Jackie Chan!