Christmas pudding strudel with chocolate -- looks delicious

christmas pudding strudel with chocolate ~ jamie oliver

Jamie Oliver - Christmas Pudding Strudel with Chocolate ~ Its crispy, rich and tastes like Christmas. Splash over some fresh cream or add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to turn this into more of a decadent treat

I discovered sticky toffee pudding while traveling in Scotland. Once I tried it, I ordered it for dessert at every restaurant there after. It is the most sumptuous sweet hot/cold dessert. I have yet to make it myself. Definitely next on my list.

A traditional holiday dessert, Sticky Toffee Pudding is a luscious way to end any meal. Check out this delicious recipe from Foodista editor: Leah Rodrigues, and enjoy this rich treat. Sweet Sticky Toffee Pudding For more from this crea

Baked Alaska mince pies - Jamie Oliver

Perfect mince pies

This is Jamie's twist on the basic mince pie recipe, made with mincemeat, shortcrust pastry and a baked Alaska meringue and ice-cream topping.

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