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an abstract concrete and tile design with grey accents
VitrA Global - Inspired by Natural Stone
VitrA Global - Inspired by Natural Stone on Behance
a circular object is mounted on the wall
Bathroom project
Pink with green | My Friend's House
the wall is made up of different colored tiles, including one with a wooden spoon
combinacion de marmol blanco con microcemento pulido
Resultado de imagen de trends mood board materials 2017
three pieces of art sitting on top of a white counter next to a blue, red and black object
Studio David Thulstrup
Material Mood Of The Week ~ Bold Red & Terrazzo
several different types of paper on top of each other and one with a yellow flower
Studio David Thulstrup
Brown Design Group | Interiors
an array of different colors and sizes of tiles on a black surface with white speckles
KRION® homenajea al terrazo tradicional en su nueva colección
terrazzo series de krion porcelanosa (3)
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes on white paper, including black, brown, gray, yellow, and orange
Earthy materials diagram
an assortment of different materials on a blue surface
Interview: Danish Architect David Thulstrup.
Materials by Studio David Thulstrup | Yellowtrace
a piece of art that is made out of different materials
Studio David Thulstrup
a piece of wood that has been cut in half with copper foil on it and another piece of wood next to it
Material and Colour Explorations - Amy Bartlett
Material and Colour Explorations / Amy Bartlett - Material - Composition - Moodboard
an assortment of plates and bowls on a blue surface
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an assortment of different materials are arranged on the wall
Gorgeous Colour Palette