looks like there is a slot of glassabove roof and below beam to first floor- must be very high existing ceilings- great idea in this West London House

West London House bright, light can enter, extension in glass, conservatory/ sunroom, terrace and garden

extensions www.aproposapropos.com

This open plan kitchen design is both modern and in keeping with the original style of it's host property. Folding sliding doors allow both wings to be opened onto the garden entirely whilst filling the rooms with light. The large skylight situated within

As with all these wonderful refurbishments to Victorian houses (or any style for that matter) it relies on having a truly spectacular garden to show it off ... from the little I can see, this is not the case here.

Built by Bureau de Change Design Office in , United Kingdom with date Images by Eliot Postma. ‘HomeMade’ is the first residential scheme by London-based design studio Bureau de Change. The project takes two nei.

Joyce and Jeroen renovation by Personal Architecture

Joyce & Jeroen House by Personal Architecture

House of Joyce & Jeroen / Personal Architecture // open kitchen - this is similar to what I have in mind with the kitchen opening up to the outside living but also an outside table that can be joined up to increase the flow

Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à http://www.maison-bois-naturellement.fr/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/extension_maison_fini...

love the curved roof beside the main extension

Jonathan Tuckey Design, Yew Tree House, Oxford

Grade II Listed cottage provided with a new extension housing a kitchen and dining room by Jonathan Tuckey Design.

Bespoke Flush Glazed doors by IQ Glass

Glass Box extension with bespoke flush glazed doors from our supplier

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