Chong Fah Cheong : The Riverside Sculptor | The Sculpture Gallery

The Sculpture Gallery: Chong Fah Cheong : The Riverside Sculptor

chiharu shiota weaves a labyrinth of keys + yarn at the venice art biennale

‘the key in hand’ by japanese artist chiharu shiota comprises more than keys hanging from a cloud of tightly interwoven string. the red expanse is exhibited at the for 2015 venice art biennale.

antony gormley crosby beach - Google Search

Antony Gormley's installation consists of 100 iron men on Crosby Beach, looking out to sea.

Antony Gormley: Antony Gormley sculpture in New York

Antony Gormley takes his statues to New York

Antony Gormley is breaking into America with a debut showing of public art in Manhattan

« Ces hommes qui sortent des murs.. » – Matteo Pugliese, sculpteur contemporain italien | PERFORMANCE by Touch-arts

Artist Matteo Pugliese Il Segreto The Secret cm Bronze 2007 Edition

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