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Aún sin titulo...
Mr Gosling having a stroll
gosling. god damn...

Ryan Gosling

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New Menswear Ambassador, David Gandy  #LCM

David Gandy

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paul newman vneck and glasses
paul newman with beard
paul newman hat

Paul Newman

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david beckham wimbledon 2016
david beckham front row
david beckham wimbledon

David Beckham

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james dean | James Dean em mente - Editorial GQ ~ LUXO DE HOMEM
james dean reading newspaper
dean driving

James Dean

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smart looking johannes
Mens Fashion
Johannes Huebl Gave Cotton Basics a RichGuy Spin

Johannes Huebl

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ryan gosling with eva mendes
Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling (2)

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Ryan Gosling
ryan gosling in tuxedo
ryan gosling in persol

Ryan Gosling (3)

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a man holding a cup in his right hand
Steve McQueen, Click & Ride With Steve, What A Time To Be Alive, 1968
black and white photograph of man in suit sitting at desk
Cary Grant in The Philadelphia Story, 1940.
Cary Grant in The Philadelphia Story, 1940. | by Colorized by TOSHIO.Y
black and white photograph of a man holding something
At the Movies: To Catch a Thief - Quintessence
a man in a suit and sunglasses sitting at a table with a sign that says hollywood
cary grant el hombre mas elegante de todos los tiempos!!!!
a man sitting at a table with his arms crossed and looking off to the side
Every Ryan Gosling Haircut & How To Get Them
Ryan Gosling is a haircut icon and for good reason! With movies like Drive, Crazy Stupid Love, Gangster Squad and 2018 movie First Man. Here's some of Ryan Gosling's best haircuts and how to get them.
a black and white photo of a man wearing a hat with his hand on his chin
It’s A Wonderful Birthday: Jimmy Stewart!
Most fans of classic cinema have a particular star that strikes a fancy within them. It can be due to many factors, some more obvious than others. Jimmy Stewart was one man whom millions worldwide related to. In his younger years, he came across as the boy next door. A guy who possessed handsome all-American ideals, without being so good-looking that he was placed on a pedestal.
a black and white photo of a man in a suit with his hand on his chin
Sidney Poitier
They call him Mr. Tibbs .... I don't particularly find him attractive but I find the characters he played attractive. Strange.
an old black and white photo of a man in a suit looking at the camera
The Ultimate Cary Grant Pages
Cary Grant