Dr.office ( dramatic play ) preschool

Medical center dramatic play addition--this would be especially good for children who have fears associated with going to the doctor.

Role play farm shop with real ffruit and veg kids love it.

Role play farmers market (with real fruits & vegetables or pretend; if real you can having a tasting graph and sample eating contest and take some extra home to share with their families)!

Fine motor board... Try clothes. Zipper, buttons, snaps, ties, belt, shoe string, velcro, bow, helmet buckle

Locks & Latches Fine Motor Activity Board

What would it be like to milk a cow?  How long do I have to milk her to get just one small glass of milk?  {Try it out with this activity using rubber gloves to simulate udders.  Lots of hands-on fun for your tactile, kinesthetic learners!}

Milking a cow at the water table! Remember this for next year's Unit Learn + Play = Pre K: It's Farm Week in Preschool!

Bloemenwinkel in de themahoek. Richt je hoeken/lokaal altijd zo rijk mogelijk in!

Bloemenwinkel in de themahoek. Richt je hoeken/lokaal altijd zo rijk mogelijk in!

Doctor's Surgery Role Play Area/Dramatic Corner

This hospital dramatic play center would be a great addition to a lesson on "people who help keep us healthy". There are many opportunities for role playing, problem solving and using new vocabulary words in this dramatic play center.

Treasure hunt in the sand tray - I like the simple sifters (",)

Treasure Hunt in sensory table or sand box. Have a small treasure box, small/jewels, sequin, some sifters & of course sand.

Beauty Parlour Classroom Role-Play Area Photo - SparkleBox

Beauty Parlour role-play area classroom display photo – Photo gallery – SparkleBox Source by sparkleboxtr