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agnelo desouza

agnelo desouza
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The dark side of Taurus

It's not your fault you are a terrible person. It's written in the stars. No matter what sign you are; A humorous look at the darker side of Astrology.

Muslim inventions

"I hate Muslims". I really hate it down to my gut when someone is so racist. Terrorists are bad, yes. But not every Muslim is a terrorist! I've not dated guys or been friends with certain people because they said ignorant, racist shit like that.

I don't need #11 & 14 I need to work on. #urgencythroughtheroof

This infographic reveals 18 things that mentally strong people (high achievers) do that low achievers don’t. These apply to fitness fanatics as well. Matters Definitely need to work on some of these things!

Took me longer than I'd like to admit

This riddle recently hit the internet: "What has 4 letters, sometimes has 9 letters, but never has 5 letters." Can you solve it?