Wow, if this is really a charcoal drawing, that's just ridiculously awesome

water running over woman face, 40 Hyper Realistic Artworks That Are Hard to Believe Aren’t Photographs reflections

Vania Comoretti portrait paintings

Vania Comoretti portrait paintings Together/ series/ emotion/ realistic/ portrait/ inner world

Hyperrealistic Paintings by Vania Comoretti: anatomia2003.jpg

Hyperrealistic Paintings by Vania Comoretti

This morning we take a look at the hyperrealistic paintings of Venice and Udine-based artist Vania Comoretti. Her drawings are created using mixed tec.

Vania Comoretti - Figurative Painters

Philip Glass - The Hours -The Poet Acts // painting by Italian contemporary painter ''Vania Comoretti''.

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Vania comoretti

Vania comoretti