English landscape by Edward McKnight Kauffer c.1935

Vintage London Transport Greet The Sun Travel Poster. Pretty funny that a travel poster advertises the sun in London.

Tom Duxbury  | Edith Nesbit, author of The Railway Children died on 4th May 1924. Tom Duxbury was inspired to illustrate a cover for her famous novel

Tom Duxbury - get clever with the pen tool to make super detailed limited palette images that have the look of old wood cut railway posters. having trouble getting the detail with the pentool?

Simon Palmer, 'Too late to make the picture'

Simon Palmer 'Too late to make the picture' signed 'Simon Palmer' (lower right in margin) and titled (lower left in margin), watercolour 24 x x 9 image (JPEG Image, 1536 × 1600 pixels)

Anna Dillon:  Branscombe Walk

Anna Dillon - Contemporary Artist - Landscapes - The Isles of Colour - Branscombe Walk