vuurwerk maken met een vork

use plastic fork - Fireworks Craft for the of July using a fork! Great for a kids art project!

Best children's books about Indian culture from @madhmama

Whether you are Indian, half-Indian, or just simply interested in Indian culture, there is unfortunately such a lack of books out ther.

milk fireworks- Awesome!! Gonna use this for teaching color mixing :)

Milk Fireworks Experiment

Explore colors using basic household ingredients: food coloring and milk. Great for teaching color mixing and to visualize the colors of Holi.

Combine milk, washing-up liquid and food colouring for this amazing effect... Add a layer of milk, then add drops of food colouring in different spots around the centre. Add one drop of washing-up liquid into the centre of the mixture OR (as in this video) prod the centre with a cotton bud with washing-up liquid on the end. [From @GE via @SarahBearchell] The science behind it is explained here:

Combine milk, washing-up liquid and food colouring for this amazing effect…

Apples and ABC's: This Little Light of Mine...

This little light of mine craft idea - could easily be done as an Advent craft using the traditional colours for Hope, Love, Joy & Peace and white for the Christ Candle ~M x

Henna hand print

You will need: Skin colour paper or card Brown coloured pen Instructions: Draw around your hand on the paper. Decorate the hand shape with the pen

Diwali footprints lesson plan - could be great for an art/movement project combined.

Diwali Footprints lesson planDiwali Footprints Create decorations with a mischievous edge for Diwali, a heritage-rich festival for Hindus. Students work with a partner to design Lakshmi's colorful footprints.