The Enormous Crocodile Fun Group Projects, Lesson Plans, and Teaching Resources Roald Dahl

Enormous Crocodile Lesson Plans: Author Roald Dahl

These Enormous Crocodile Lesson Plans include a large group project in the shape of a huge crocodile. Your students will love completing this fun group project together based on the book by Roald Dahl.

Fun Roald Dahl inspired fine motor control activity ideas. Includes Willy Wonka play dough, Mr Twit's wormy spaghetti and lots more.

Roald Dahl Themed Fine Motor Skill Activity Ideas

Fun Roald Dahl themed fine motor skills activities, includes Willy Wonka Play dough, Mr Twit wormy spaghetti and The Enormous Crocodile LEGO trees

Numbers & Math Printables For Kids - Mr Printables

5 Best Images of Printable Numbers For Toddlers - Free Printable Number Cards for Kids, Crocodile Number Line and Preschool Worksheets Numbers 1 5

The Enormous Crocodile By Roald Dahl.ppt

Weekly plan, resources and power points all linked to a weekly literacy focus on the enormous crocodile by Roald Dahl.