Nathan, pretending to not get it, as usual. I don't think I've ever found anyone so adorably annoying. Misfits was amazing till he left. No offence :') when he left it went downhill

Misfits. You'd think that after the first 2 died they would have stopped sending more.

"Can we please stop killing our probation workers" is one of my favourite Misfits lines :)

Nathan - Misfits love this show for the first two seasons.

Inspiring image lol, misfits, nathan, nathan young, subtitles - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

i need to start saying this to people.

Nathan from the Misfits. Robert Sheehan Quotes - can I just say I appreciate it when guys do this! I hate guys when they have half their hair shaved off the sides, it looked like a bloody electrified skunk tail so thank you Nathan!

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