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Polish 9-barreled flintlock musket : Damned scary, heavy monster to be trecking through the woods!

Polish flintlock musket : Damned scary, heavy monster to be trekking through the woods! Imagine the full shot kick on this monster.

Desktop Ballista

Miniature Ballista Kit - Wooden Desktop Warfare Ballista The ballista was the ultimate artillery weapon of the Roman Empire. Similar in appearance to a.

Trebuchet (working) model step by step free plans and instructions

Warwolf is believed to be the largest trebuchet ever made. It was created in Scotland by order of King Edward Longshanks of England, during the siege of Stirling Castle, as part of the Scottish Wars of Independence.

medieval-siege-tower-mini-[2]-11134-p.jpg (1023×851)

medieval-siege-tower-mini-[2]-11134-p.jpg (1023×851)

Siege Battering Ram

Siege Battering Ram- The part that is sticking out gives me a better idea on how I will be modeling this.