Small Space Living: 12 Creative Ways to Use an Attic cute this would be for the kids!

Small Space Living: 12 Creative Ways to Use an Attic Space

Small Space Living: 12 Creative Ways to Use an Attic Space. May actually work in my tiny attic

Attic theater. Awesome! Ok, so not everyone can DIY this one, but some of you out there have the skills, I'm sure. Oh, BTW, can I come over and watch movies after the build?

Home theater room in the attic. A more do-able idea than those other fancy home theater rooms! Much cozier and warmer than the individual recliners in rows that you see in a lot of fancy home theater rooms

How much fun would this be for sleepovers!

I love all these bed built-ins, someday my home with have them. great way to use the attic portion or awkward bonus room ceiling space of a house and provide lots of sleeping space.

Cinema room - instead of TV downstairs!

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totally in love with this for a children's play space in an attic or above a garage

convert the creepy attic space in an old house to a cute loft/movie room for guests. Also not a room but amazing idea! Love it!

Pretty loft bedroom is a great use of space.

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Room over the garage/ attic. Love it!

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