New Town Deli, Broughton Street, Edinburgh Collage with Monoprint 2015 Made as a present for a very loyal New Town Deli coffee drinker!

Lucy Jones, Blue Puffin Doorway, Edinburgh | Collage with charcoal and wax

Blue Puffin Doorway, Edinburgh Collage with Charcoal and Wax 2014 Lucy Jones

31 Drummond Place, New Town Collage with Monoprint 2014 Sir Compton Mackenzie, author of Whiskey Galore and The Monarch of the Glen, lived here until his death in One of the pieces ready for.

Newtown Crescent, Edinburgh Collage with Monoprint and Wax 2014 Lucy Jones

This could work very well for Bristol landmarks - Crescent Doorway, New Town Mixed Media, 59 x A typical gorgeous Georgian doorway in one of the west end crescents of the Edinburgh New Town

Yelllow Door, Number New Town (Collage) I can share this now. It was commissioned as a surprise birthday present for someone who received it this weekend. It’s full of bits of local maps and snippets of advice on what to see and do in Stockbridge.

Know your town (like the back of your hand) by johnefrench, I like the simple black and white line drawing, and the quirky shape of the map makes it a strong but effective piece which has been ordinarily created

Sciennes Gardens, Edinburgh Collage with Monoprint and Wax This was a commission I did over the summer. Much more green than I usually use, which was a little daunting at first, but then became a lot.

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Nelson Street, New Town, Edinburgh.