Aleksandr Rodchenko, Krizis (Crisis), gelatin silver photograph after original photomontage made for Lët: Avio-stikhi in

Photograms - Art and Design

Photograms - Art and Design the feathers are opaque but the fibers are small, this means the image is highly detailed.


After viewing the work of David Hockney, students in the Introduction to Photography class will attempt a composite photographic “grid” using the subject or theme of their choice.


David Hockney, Mother: another manipulated-photo work of art.and the angles of the separate pieces of the collage


Rodchenko, Russian constructivism It is a montage of different images with different illustrations. I like this because it looks like a series of newspaper cuttings. It is successful because of the piercing eyes of the woman.

Metamorphose | John Heartfield

John Heartfield, German Natural History, Metamorphosis, date unknown


Photogram - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Also known as "Rayographs," photograms were popularized by Man Ray.

photogram of spoons

i wounder if this photogram of spoons would have been acceptable for Mrs…


Alexander Rodchenko - Maquette for illustration for "About This" poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky, 1923