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structured fashion, fashion construction // Lancia TrendVisions The sleeves leaves shadows onto the body that creates an interesting detail

Yuki Hagino’s designs are exquisite origami sculptures, with lots of interesting 3-dimentional details and shapes. Yuki was an Architecture graduate in Japan before coming to CSM to study fashion. We can see how she made use of her expertise in her designs to create these architectural and statuesque looks

Yuki Hagino’s origami sculpture design. She was an Architecture graduate before studying fashion. We can see in her designs these architectural and statuesque looks.

Origami Textiles with structural 3D folds; fabric manipulation; constructed textile design // Rachel Philpott

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Yuki Hagino

sculptural fashion design // "Sculpting Mind," Yuki Hagino Me: Stick with origami cuz no one's ironing that shit back later

Geometric Chest

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