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The Bat Plant aka Devil flower or Cat whiskers - from our exotic seeds collection

Mysteries And Wonders of People, World and Nature: Weird Beauty Tacca chantrierei Black Bat Flower, Cat& whiskers or Devil flower

Turquoise Puya

Each spring, this Pineapple relative sends up a massive flower stalk 6 feet tall and over a foot wide, covered with the most amazing flowers. The blooms are emerald-turquoise, and have bright orange anthers


The Pink Puya (Puya dyckioides) is a beautiful, rare Pineapple relative from Argentina. Not only do the flowers have a gorgeous color combination, but the colors deepen as the cluster matures! This exotic Bromeliad is hardy down to

Exotic Flowers/Plants Hawaii | Hawaii Tropical Plant Nursery: Gingers

The Beautiful and Exotic Etlingera Elatior aka the Torch Ginger…. Most Wanted on the exotic flower guide list of exotic flowers.

My my..what I'd do to visit somewhere new with exotic plant life  Orbea Staphelia variegata #cuudulieutransang | cuu du lieu tran sang | cứu dữ liệu trần sang | cong ty cuu du lieu tran sang | công ty cứu dữ liệu trần sang |

Carrion flowers, also known as corpse flowers or stinking flowers are flowers that emit an odor that smells like rotting flesh. I like the color and pattern.

Unique mint green snake

Pink Snake I like how I'm terrified of them but at the same time fascinated by them. like, if i saw this on the road I would probably pass out but look at how pretty the colors are like its pink leopard and it has bright blue eyes what is wrong with me

Trimeresurus medoensis, Motuo bamboo pitviper

rhamphotheca: “ earthlynation: Motuo bamboo pit viper (Trimeresurus medoensis), Asia (photo by ashok captain) ”