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When it comes to household chores, most people simply hate the process of cleaning of the shower. Some of the reasons why this task is so difficult are the soap scum as well as the hard-water buildup. Moreover, due to the fact that bathrooms are humid places, they are susceptible to mold and mildew, which …

Mold in the house is extremely unpleasant and dangerous issue, as it endangers health in many ways. However, there is a perfectly efficient natural method.

illustration- Alternatives to downspout extensions-explains a hard way but then you could buy coil up thing to attach that uncoils when water comes out gutter & then coils back up- He says he han't tried it though- but i think it's worth a try

illustration- Alternatives to downspout extensions-----may need to do this near the front gutter that is blocked in landscaping by concrete driveway AND sidewalk. Unable to do a French drain on that one

Plug Holes and Cracks in the Foundation

Plug Holes and Cracks in the Foundation; probably won't solve the prob. Hydraulic cement works great for patching holes, sets up even under water and expands.