Traditional Tales IWB Story Maps: Simple visual story maps that support Pie Corbett's 'Storytelling into Writing' and the telling of traditional tales. Maps are included for Billy Goats Gruff, Enormous Turnip, Little Red Hen and Gingerbread man

Story maps - you will need PowerPoint on the computer. This is a way of retelling stories that we're doing a lot of in school at the moment - I'll show you how to do it with both kids at half term, will be great for them.

farm unit or with The Enormous Turnip or Tops and Bottoms -hands for tops

Once upon a time, in Russia, an old man planted some turnip seeds. Each year he grew good turnips, but this year he was especially proud of one very big turnip. He left it in the ground long…

The enormous turnip storytelling props.This is a post which talks about developing a storytelling basket. This would support child initiated play following story reading.

Fairytale Storytelling Basket

Fairytale Storytelling Basket - The Imagination Tree The enormous turnip storytelling props

Pushes, pulls and The enormous turnip

I was given a group task at uni to creat a science display on the topic of pushes and pulls. As I am specialising in early years we had to aim it at the ages of years olds. We chose to use the story of The Enormous Turnip as a stimulus.