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I really like the layout and style of the typography in this image in particular. The textured background within the letter G I like the style of and find particularly inspiring.

Use of white space within a letter, used for the main body of text. Grunge effect on a finished letter works well, with use of bold in finer text making it more prominent. Contrasting irony of the small capital text, to the larger lower case.

Go Sans #typography #design #type

Serif is a personal project that illustrates the rivalry between Serif and Sans-Serif typefaces. The poster series plays on the cutting of the serif from serif fonts, and the taping of a serif on sans-serif fonts.

Tea time?

Tea: Tea is a nice hot drink that can relax the body physically. Mentally, it can also relax an individual. Tea also detoxes the body of all those toxic chemicals that could potentially be contributing to an individual's stress.