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Ideas for pottery studios and other beautifully organised spaces
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an empty room with several wooden tables and stools in it, all lined up against the wall
Buy, make and eat from ceramics at Les Faiseurs pottery atelier in Montreal
Les Fraiseurs ceramic workshop and cafe in Montreal
a large wooden table surrounded by stools in a room filled with shelves and books
two pictures showing how to build a workbench with woodworking tools and instructions
How to Build a DIY Wood Workbench: Super Simple $50 Bench
Build a great Work Bench | Ginger & The Huth
a workbench with several buckets on it
Wedging Table and Glaze Counter
Like the shape/size of this wedging table. Wedging Table and Glaze Counter
a white bucket sitting in the corner of a room with pipes coming out of it
clay trap
a kitchen area with an oven, sink and dishwasher in the process of being installed
Kiln shelf storage - under table
an old fashioned machine with the words my first skin in front of it and text overlay
Kiln Tips for Newbies
New to kilns? Here are my kiln tips for newbies, based on my first week of owning a Skutt kiln! It's much easier than you think!
a storage shelf with lots of cups and other items on it in front of the words build your own adjustable storage shelf
Check out how I built my storage shelf for all my ceramics and make your own! About $100 in materials and a day's work! Link in profile. #woodshelf #woodworking #diy #shelf #storage #adjustable #garage #claybylisa #easy #weekendproject #nopaintneeded #extraspace #organize #artstudio #space #ceramicstudio #ceramics #texaspotter
a wooden workbench with tools in it
Work Tables and Wedging Tables
I built my own work table and wedging table based on plans from EAA- 1000. That’s a chapter of the Experiment Aviation Association. They use lots of tables to build planes. I just use them to…
an older man sitting at a table in a room with unfinished furniture and tools on it
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studio table
a drawing of a sink and faucet
BOTZ Settling Tank TA103
Botz Settling Tank / Clay Separator :: Potclays Studio
the floor plan for a bathroom with two sinks and a shower stall, including a separate toilet
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