A coulrophile's guide to clowns
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two women dressed in costumes playing violin and dancing with their hands on the hipss
Clowning Around with Violins....What balance!
Victorian Cabinet card of clown musician circus performers
black and white photograph of a person wearing a top hat, holding something in front of his mouth
21 Creepy Black And White Photos That Give ‘Nightmare’ A New Meaning
The creepiest of said photos are the vintage ones that are black and white. There is just something about staring into the terrifying face of the past that sends a shiver down your spine.
an old photo of two clowns with fake hair
Warning: These Vintage Halloween Costumes May Give You Nightmares
Your hat is NOT bigger than mine.
an old photo of a man dressed as a jail - cellier with his arms outstretched
Victorian Era Scary Clown I hate clowns and this one is really scarey.
black and white photograph of a woman with a hat on her head brushing her teeth
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David Bowie - in make up for the photo session for "Scary Monsters" album cover....April 1980
a painting of a clown holding a chicken in his right hand and looking at the ground
Sentimentalia - Victorian Stickers ~ Glansbilleder > Circus
a creepy clown sitting in the grass with his head turned to look like he is wearing a red wig
Pennywise the Clown — It
The 13 Most Terrifying Stephen King Characters (I feel the need to point out that, even though it was a good movie, Stephen King did NOT back Stanley Kubrick in his endeavor to film "The Shining" so they should have used an image of Steven Weber, who was in the version Stephen King did himself. just sayin'.)
an old black and white photo of a man dressed in a clown costume with his hands on his hips
Vintage Circus Clown. Pagliacci-Alexander Vertinsky.
a man in clown makeup holding a trumpet
Photography – 3 types of photos you must learn to take
Mexican Clowns [Vintage] - Nicola Ókin Frioli - Photography
a creepy doll is sitting on the floor next to a man in a top hat
I have decided to pin this, because when we were first learn about physical theatre we researched cirque de solei, this image just reminded me of when we were researching it and I thought that it linked in well will the theme of our show(twisted: circus). I also was inspired by the way that the lady is twisted into the box, I thought this linked well with the physical theatre side of the show.
a black and white photo of a woman with makeup
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For some reason, as much as I hate clowns or anything that even resembles them, I think masquerade ball/harlequin makeup stuff like this is so cool!
two clowns dressed in white and red are standing side by side
The Printed Peanut
Two pierrots in a studio was "found" by and is in the collection of LovedayLemon