The Cabinet of Shadows

In Victorian Cambridge, Jackamore Grass is taking photographs and lives. Sequel to The Beauty of Murder, being written right now . . .
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many bicycles are covered with snow in the wintertime, and there is no image here to provide a caption for
Snow Cambridge UK
an old building with snow on the ground
Trinity College
Trinity College by Lawrence OP, via Flickr
two bicycles parked in front of a building covered in snow at night with the lights on
Christmas in Cambridge, England <3 I've only spent Summer in Cambridge, but I'm sure it's breathtaking!
an empty street with christmas decorations on the windows
Cambridge, England at Christmas time. Oh yes please. Please please.
a green door surrounded by snow covered trees and shrubbery in front of a stone building
Secret door
A secret door ~ St Botolph's Church, Cambridge, UK. It rather reminds me of Narnia.
an empty city street at night with lights on the buildings and rain falling down from the sky
Rainy Streets of Cambridge by benjaminjphoto / 500px
Cambridge, England. Loved Cambridge. Especially a nice little mom n pop fudge shop we always stopped at before returning home.
a street light sitting on the side of a road next to a tall brick building
Winter Rain, Cambridge, England
an old wooden bookcase with skulls and other items on it's shelves in a room
A cabinet of Curiosities - Stock Image - C008/8250
cabinet of curiosities
a person riding a bike down a street in the fog with a red light on
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JUDITHPDESIGN // Teal colour Inspiration
Ghost Victorian | vintage # spirit photography # ghosts History, Museums, Muse, Victorian, Seance, Ouija, Seance Pictures, Mystique, Museum
ghost photography on Tumblr
Ghost Victorian | vintage # spirit photography # ghosts
19th to early 20th century spirit photography Art Photography, Dark Art, Ghost Photography, Creepy
Nimbus Hive
19th to early 20th century spirit photography
an old black and white photo of a man sitting in front of a hand holding something
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with psychic extra, c.1922. Gelatin silver photograph, Barlow Collection, British Library London
fog covers the water and trees in front of a castle
Classical Britain
Ely Cathedral - Cambridge, England