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Bored Doodle

Welp this is my Doodle that i made last month. Entitled *look at the doodle* ^_^ Throwback Doodle

Dribbble - VW Bus by Sean Holstien

A blue VW bus (for lost and for VW in general) and an orange Camaro

A l’occasion du prochain Festival de la BD d’Angoulême, voici des activités amusantes à télécharger sur le thème de la bande dessinée. Développer l’appétence au langage écrit Utilisez les planches vierges ci-dessous pour aborder le récit écrit en utilisant les éléments visuels propres à la Bandes dessinées. LES PLANCHES DE VIGNETTES: Nous vous proposons deux planches …

These comic effects will be added to enhance the characters emotions. Eg: The close up of the shocked Kia Si will have the Exclamation marks pop up by the eyes.


A gorgeous Mer-Spooky appeared! ✨ It's not really a scary Halloween costume, but Spooky always dreamed of being a mermaid! 👻🐚💦 Love seeing some of you guys drawing Spooky, too! 😊💕 I will post some doodles from you in my IG story later 😉✨

Drawing noses

Was a bit hard this week because of a cold and working overtime. Talk about rough! I guess if i was feeling better i woulda done alot more.


This hand-painted wall was done by Frank Casazza and Edge Creative Colletive members.