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Macro photography is close-up photography.It is really impressive to see our world with the kind of close-up. Here is a collection of truly amazing macro

Macro images of snowflakes - DIY Technique

Macro images of snowflakes - DIY Technique - By the awesome power of the almighty GOD, We are all individualized , also the snow flakes are as one.

Great example of Macro photography. Water & wing wow wadda shot...say that fast 3 x'

This is macro photography, I think this is really good because you get the simple shapes of the butterfly wing and it is really relates to the circle of life because catapilerss grow in to be butterflies.

25 Most Beautiful Macro Photographs for your inspiration - 10 Tips for Beginners. Follow us

Brian Valentine captures entire worlds that are reflected in drops of dew. Valentine often strategically places items or photographs behind plants that are covered in dew so that the scenes are shown in distorted, spherical miniature within the water.