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an arch leading into a living room with wood floors
Arched Door Frames: Framing Beauty in Every Room
Frame your living spaces with elegance and grace. Explore the versatility of arched door frames and add a touch of sophistication to your home.
the living room is clean and ready for us to use
London interior designer | Catherine Wilman Interiors | England
House Renovation | Bespoke Crittall Wall Installation | Catherine Wilman Interiors
The crittall wall allows light to flood into the hallway and opens up the living room space. The tall pocket door adds a touch of grandeur.
an artist's rendering of a white building with arched windows and trees in the foreground
Villa Gara in Kordan, Iran by 4Architecture Studio
The Gara project started with the intention of making the client's opinion implemented, while considering minimal tendencies and modern life needs. creating a private space suitable for temporary residence and the one which satisfies the agent's need for Flaneur experience in a miscellaneous space but not so vast. #architecture #house #fashion #decor #diy #homedecor #amazingarchitecture #interiordesign #contemporaryhome #modern #residence #designer
an open living room with white furniture and arched windows on either side of the wall
An Ancient Chinese Courtyard House Has Its Renaissance | Habitus Living