Our homemade outdoor abacus cost grand total of £3

Gardening Ideas For Schools 7 tips for making your schools garden fabulous Our Homemade Outdoor Abacus Cost Grand Total Of 3 Fab Idea All From Poundland

Recycle City at Puzzles Family Day Care (",)

Train track ruts in concrete! ITEM: Fine Motor (trains), Dramatic Play (small world play in planters) Recycle City at Puzzles Family Day Care (",)

Tyre small world play

Tire small world play - you could even fill up an old tire (or small kiddie pool) with good quality sod for a more simple surface.

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Recycled reclaimed tree timber toadstools at Highvale Kindergarten Glen Waverley in Victoria, image shared by Yarn Strong Sista (",(

Mud kitchen - love the pallets used for the flooring, great way to keep the floor tidy, as it can be swept up (another great life lesson.)

Top 20 of Mud Kitchen Ideas for Kids

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Outdoor play! drains and gutters, exploring gravity and weights, using different balls and sticks, and rocks, I think toddlers would really enjoy the noise and dropping something and seeing where it comes out.

Love this idea! I saw this in the Spring 2012 Lowe's Creative Ideas magazine - fun outdoor activity for kids using rain gutters and some paint.

Playing and Exploring Outdoors: It's Playtime! - The Imagination Tree

Playing and Exploring Outdoors: It's Playtime