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The problem with people like this…   Read More Funny:

Omg the future of society is doomed! ^i can't tell if that is sarcasm but do people not realize the second comment was joking?<~sometimes people like this are not joking


Jean Hilliard, Ice Woman- see in a moment of need a pray to God will be answered. Maybe not tge,way we plan, but this was amazing.

Flying Horror of New Guinea. There are those out there who still believe that dinosaurs exist... the reason being is that they have encountered them. What do you think?

Flying Horror of New Guinea - Cryptozoology - This remote and unexplored volcanic region is often referred to as the “Lost World”, and new species of animals are being found on the island regularly.

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A horrifying tale of psychopathic conjoined twins and the children they murdered. As you must know, this is a true story.>>>i have been watching creepypasta all day and i think i would NOT go to sleep

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