Sentimental wedding ideas: Give each guest a packet of seeds that reflect your wedding flowers.

100 Sentimental Wedding Ideas You'll Love

Cute wedding favor idea: Watch our love grow flower seeds. Using natural wildflower seeds would make it extra special, easy to plant, and environmentally friendly. Total DIY idea as a party favor

Wedding Favor Candy Jars. Might do this if I have a fall wedding and fill it with candy corn and candy pumpkins

Wedding Favor Candy Jar- How cute are these for a wedding/baby shower? It was Sweet of you to come!

Unique and unusual wedding favours. Personalised love hearts. Find more wedding favour ideas here

4 mini rolls of original Love Hearts, with example personalised wrappers. 2 of the rolls have standard messages in, and 2 of the rolls have JUST MARRIED tablets in. Our personalised Love Hearts will delight your guests and make your

Interesting party favour - flower seeds [Magpie Paperworks]

A Lovely Thyme - DIY Plant Wedding Favors omg Amanda I am obsessed with this. Or I will do it and bring them to your wedding to hand out myself. Plus, the forget me not is an Alpha Phi flower!

mint pink wedding favors gifts

Tic Tac® DIY Wedding Favor Packaging Idea with Free Printables - Create your own wedding favors mints for guest to take home inexpensively and super cute!

A sweet wedding favour idea - photography ©

11 fantastic wedding favour ideas that are a little bit different

30 Wedding Favours Ideas For Your Special Day

Wedding Favour Inspiration For Your Special Day

Wedding favours are a sweet, thoughtful (and cheap) way to give your guests something to remember on your special day. You know, after the food, the drinks, the once in a life-time moments.