Sentimental wedding ideas: Give each guest a packet of seeds that reflect your wedding flowers.

100 Sentimental Wedding Ideas You'll Love

Cute wedding favor idea: Watch our love grow flower seeds. Using natural wildflower seeds would make it extra special, easy to plant, and environmentally friendly. Total DIY idea as a party favor

Wedding Favor Candy Jars. Might do this if I have a fall wedding and fill it with candy corn and candy pumpkins

Wedding Favor Candy Jar- How cute are these for a wedding/baby shower? It was Sweet of you to come!

Interesting party favour - flower seeds [Magpie Paperworks]

A Lovely Thyme - DIY Plant Wedding Favors omg Amanda I am obsessed with this. Or I will do it and bring them to your wedding to hand out myself. Plus, the forget me not is an Alpha Phi flower!

30 Wedding Favours Ideas For Your Special Day

Custom Bridal Shower Favors - Wedding Favors - 25 Handpainted Clothespins- my mom made these for her wedding,n they were super cute!

mint pink wedding favors gifts

Tic Tac® DIY Wedding Favor Packaging Idea with Free Printables - Create your own wedding favors mints for guest to take home inexpensively and super cute!

A sweet wedding favour idea - photography ©

11 fantastic wedding favour ideas that are a little bit different

30 Wedding Favours Ideas For Your Special Day

Wedding Favour Inspiration For Your Special Day