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Alexandra Liddell

Falkirk - Scotland
Alexandra Liddell
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Squeeze a lemon and add baking soda until you make a thick creamy paste, leave on for up to 20min and rinse with cold water.

Squeeze one whole lemon and add a tablespoon of baking soda until you make a thick creamy paste. Leave on for up to 20 min, then rinse with cold water. Make sure you make a thick creamy paste. If it's too watery, add more baking soda.

Recently while I was looking at my blog recipes, it occurred to me that I hadn't shared my recipe for tablet. Tablet is the sweetie of my childhood - one bite and I'm instantly reminded of the "swe...

For those not in the know, tablet is a treat, Scottish in. One of the first posts on Cakeyboi was my failure at making tablet

What Dark Urine Means, and 13 Other Things Your Pee's Color and Smell Is Trying To Tell You

Urinary incontinence amongst women is an unreported epidemic. Reportedly 30 to of women will suffer from incontinence of some form by the time of menopause and then rises steadily between the a…

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Is Mascara Dangerous? I Talked to a Medical Expert to Find Out

A friend of mine recently switched from buying mascara brands sold at drug stores and department stores to a "natural" brand of product sold at Whole Foods. She told me that she was doing this because she read that your average tube of mascara is dan…

A Solution to Underboob Sweat — Because Despite Being Deemed "Glamourous," Big Boobs Are Also Inconvenient

Not all plus-size women have big boobs, but I do. In fact, I had big boobs when I wasn't categorically plus-size (just as many slender women do, as well). "Big-boobed" is just one of my inherent characteristics, it would seem.