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Michael Craig Martin

I like the simplicity of this piece by Michael Craig Martin. The contrast in the major colours and the use of lines.

Michael Craig Martin

Dublin-born artist, Michael Craig-Martin, currently has a show of new paintings and sculptures at the New Art Centre outside London in the town of Wiltshire. I especially like the sculptures, which really do look like line drawings of everyday objects.

<p>Mexican visual artist Paul Fuentes makes modern Pop Art by creating mashups of everyday objects with a very colorful and quirky aesthetic. He just started 6 months ago on Instagram and now has more

Everyday Object Mashed-Up by Paul Fuentes

Mexico City-based photographer Paul Fuentes has long found influence in the work of Andy Warhol, bringing the tenets of Pop Art—irony, kitsch, and appropriation— boldly into the

Michael Craig-Martin

Michael Craig-Martin - this looks like it was made with wire. i like this piece because it is unrealistic and artificial, its like a 'modelled' hammer with ought the hammer