S/S 2014 Fashion Trends - Retro Pastels

'My favourite trend as you can see because is totally pastels. But now it has an innocent vibe with an innocent touch. Imagine being a lady detective, really feminine but dangerous. This trend name is Innocent Gangster'

S/S 2014 Colour Trends - Crafting Nature

bathroom updated for century traditional bathroom A+A CONCEPT - Color Trends S/S 2014

S/S 2014 Trends - Futuristic Nature

Pattern Trend Prediction – Spring/Summer 2014 – Futuristic Nature---Crystals And Gems / Metallic Leathers / Photographic Applied / Embossed Surfaces / Mirrored And Kaleidoscopic / Photomontage Rock / Mineral Colours

S/S 2014 Fashion Trends - Black Baroque

Another big trend is Faithful Acceptance which basically consists in the baroque we are seeing right now. People don't have faith in these days, they just like to dramatize what was important in the past. "Getting back superficially"

S/S 2014 Fashion Trends - Futuro Neons

SS 2014 Fashion Trends NEON FUTURISTE/ Neons are coming back but now in a futuristic way, not in a retro way. Imagine everything that Lady Gaga will wear in this section, strange silhouettes, metallic fabrics, and asymmetrical forms.

S/S 2014 Fashion Trends - 1920s Films

SS 2014 Fashion Trends / In clothes it refers to be dressed like a flapper girl, with all the glamour, elegance, and brightness favorite movie actresses have in those years.

S/S 2014 Colour Trends - Red Statement

collections-from-vogue: “ Magdalena Frackowiak in “Under the Sun” Photographed by Lachlan Bailey and Styled by Geraldine Saglio for Vogue Paris, April 2012 ”

S/S 2014 Fashion Trends - Neutral Metallics

SS 2014 Fashion Trends Perception-Reflection/ Which basically is a trend with neutral colours and a touch of yellow/gold. Translated to fashion: strange-masculine forms but simple, not expected accents.

S/S 2014 Trends - Bling Used

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