English Countryside gift ideas

This board is inspired by the things you'll see and do in the english countryside. Lovely gifts and cards inspired by the plants, birds and animals you'll find…
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Are you looking for a lovely picture for a woodland themed bedroom? This adorable Forest Friends art print, would fit perfectly with your woodland theme. It's based on an original watercolour image created by artist Alex Clark.
Lovely gifts and cards inspired by getting out and about in the english countryside. All based on original watercolour images created by artist Alex Clark.
Are you looking for a gift for a golfer or someone who loves to ride a bike? These lovely mugs from Alex Clark would make a wonderful Christmas gift for them.

Great outdoors

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Close up image of the Sheep Umbrella from Alex Clark. The umbrella is open. It is pale grey and is decorated all over with illustrated sheep. Caption on the pin reads "Great present for a Sheep lover" Fan, Sheep Cards
Close up image of the Horses Mug from Alex Clark. Which is decorated with two cute horses, a chestnut and a grey, with flowers in their manes.
Adorable Horses Mug
Are you looking for a lovely gift idea for someone who loves horses and ponies? This cute Horses Mug would be sure to make them smile as they unwrapped their birthday gift or Christmas present.
Close up image of two glasses cases decorated with garden birds. You'll find other matching bird gifts, with this Brilliant Birds design in Alex Clark range. Caption in the pin reads "Cute Glasses case for a bird lover" Illustrators, Bird Glasses
7 lovely accessories for a country kitchen
If you're looking for accessories for your country kitchen, you'll find lots of inspiration in the Alex Clark range. Artist Alex lives in the English Countryside and loves to paint the birds and animals that surround her home. You'll find lots of lovely ideas for house warming presents, birthday gifts and Christmas pressies in the range.
Large image of the Pheasant cushion for Alex Clark, which has a slate grey background and a colourful illustration of a pheasant. Smaller images of the Pheasant Mug and Pheasant Oven gloves, which has a red polka dot pattern on the reverse side.
Lovely pheasant homewares
Are you creating a country themed kitchen? If so, our colourful Pheasant accessories are great for adding a touch of colour and fit perfectly with the countryside theme. Choose from a Pheasant cuhsion, Pheasant Mug, Pheasant overgloves and more.
Close up of the Pheasant illustration on the the lovely Pheasant Cushion from Alex Clark Art. It's based on one Alex's original watercolour paintings of a male pheasant. The background is grey. Caption on the image reads "Pheasant Cushion" Animals, Pheasant, Bird, Birds
Colourful pheasant cushion
Are you looking for a lovely gift idea for someone who loves Pheasants? This colourful Pheasant Cushion is just one of the lovely Pheasant inspired gifts and Pheasant cards you'll find in the Alex Clark range. All the designs are based on Alex's original watercolour paintings of pheasants.
Large image of a Love you to the Moon and back Mug from Alex Clark, with two rabbits looking at the night sky. Smaller images of a bunnies glasses case, a cushion with two rabbits and a rabbit notepad. Mugs, You Make Me Happy, Love You