Gift ideas for Gardeners

This board was designed to help you if you are looking for a Christmas present or birthday gift for a garden lover. You'll find lots of beautiful flower mugs…
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Do you know someone who loves the flowers in a Summer garden? This pretty Poppies Scarf would make a lovely Birthday Present or Christmas Gift for a flower lover.
Imagine how lovely this pretty mug would look in your kitchen. It's make a wonderful Chistmas present or birthday gift for someone who loves flowers.
Lovely gifts and cards inspired by gardening. All designs are based on the wonderful watercolour paintings of artist Alex Clark.

Best gifts for gardeners

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Are you looking for gift ideas for a bee lover? You'll find lots of bee gift inspiration in the Alex Clark. Prefect for making bee lovers smile on their birthday or when they open their Christmas present.
Do yuou know someone who loves dragonflies? This pretty dragonfly mug would make a wonderful gift for them. It's sure to make them smile and think of you each time they have a cuppa.
Mix and match these pretty poppy designs to create the perfect gift. All the designs are created from Alex's original watercolour illustrations of bright red poppies.


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the collage shows several different items that are used to make handmade mugs
the words alex clark gardening written on a beige background
Lovely gardening gifts and cards
Lovely garden inspired gifts and cards, all based on Alex Clark's original watercolour images of gardens.
Close up image of white mug decorated with bees buzzing around some blue lavender.
Lovely lavender mug from Alex Clark Art
If you know someone who loves the smell of lavender, this pretty mug is sure to make them smile. You can almost her the buzzing of the bees and smell the lovely lavender fragrance when you look at it.
Image of mug decorated with a butterfly and flower design. They are white butterflies and pink flowers. Christmas
Pretty Butterfly Mug
Are you looking for butterfly gift ideas? This lovely mug from Alex Clark would make a wonderful birthday gift for a butterfly lover.