flip a gingerbread man upside down and voila...reindeer! Ha ha love it!

Christmas Cookie Recipes

upside down gingerbread man = reindeer! Have a gingerbread man cookie cutter but not a reindeer one. WIll definitely be doing this!

Chocolate Mousse Brownies

Sweet Treats and More: Minty Chocolate Mousse Brownies.use a GF brownie recipe, then top it with that amazing-looking mousse!

My husband will looooove this!

Cheesy Enchilada Casserole

Checkerboard cake..., @Melissa Squires Squires Squires Squires Squires Squires Squires Reyes

Checkerboard cake…

Checkerboard Birthday Cake - Eat Healthy Stockphoto My mom had a set of cake pans with separators that made a checkerboard cake. The batter had to be extra thick to keep it from running, but it turned out pretty. This way, however, is foolproof.

Strawberry snowmen! Looooove these!!

CHRISTMAS: Strawberry Santa Cake (Cut and hull strawberries. Make favorite cheesecake filling and pipe into strawberries. Decorate like the picture!

HollysHome - Church Fun: Holiday Ideas

Rudolph peanut butter cookies (pretzel antlers, red m&m nose) HollysHome - Church Fun: Holiday Ideas